Top 5 Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying A Washing Machine


Buying a washing machine is as simple as buying any other home appliance. However, purchasing the most appropriate one is a bit trickier. When making a purchase, people usually tend to overlook various features and characteristics of particular washing machines. This is a mistake that usually ends up in a bad purchase. To avoid this scenario, one should not rush into the purchase but instead, consider some factors and options. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when buying a washing machine.

The Capacity

One of the most important features of any washing machine is its capacity. Also known asfvtgbnyby the drum size, it can range anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds. These numbers represent the amount of dry clothing that can be inserted into the machine and washed on standard settings. Also, it is important to check the dimensions of the tub, which can range from 2.50 cubic feet, up to 5.5 cubic feet. A front loader and a top loader machines are usually the types that have the largest capacity. If ease of use is of vital importance, one should consider looking for a machine with programmable settings.

The Size

Washing machines are usually quite bulky and can take up a vast majority of room space. Their sizes can range anywhere from 23 inches, up to 30 or more inches in width. Some can even be bigger if they have contoured fronts. To avoid any mistakes, it would be wise to pick up a tape measure and take the dimensions of available space. It is also important to check whether the washer can fit through the doorways and hallways. If available space proves a bit problematic, the best option would have to be a front loader machine that stacks with the dryer.


If ease of use and convenience are top priorities, one should check washing machines that feature programmable settings. Common programs include mixed fabrics, cotton, wool, a quick wash option, and synthetics. Additional settings include features like separate spin cycles, sports cycles, extra rinsing, certain color programs, baby clothes settings, and others. The most modern washing machines sport even more advanced features such as specific temperature settings and a half-load option, which is useful for people who rarely fill their machines.

Energy And Water Efficiency

For those who are more concerned about water and energy efficiency, front loaders and energy models present themselves as the best options. Front loaders require much less water to operate, as opposed to standard top loaders, whereas energy models can reduce electricity and water usage by almost 30%.


Going for a budget option does not mean sacrificing the performance. A standard machine, without any advanced features, or fancy decorative schemes, will still get the job done. However, the cheapest machines are usually the ones that use the most energy. To make an easier decision, one should do some calculations and factor in the energy cost for at least ten years in advance.